In the Beginning…

January 9, 2008

Welcome to my blog site. I have never blogged before, so this whole concept is very new and exciting to me. I have learned so much about technology in these first 3 days of ECI 831, that my head is spinning.

My passion for technology has just emerged in the last few years due to my current job and what attracts me to technology most is that there is always new things to learn and self-teach. Most of my experience at my job has been getting new software or other pieces of technology (projectors, whiteboard capturing devices, etc.) and then starting them up to see what they will do. The first piece of advice I give someone who is new to computers or scared of them (there are a lot of VERY educated lawyers out there who are VERY scared of the computer -LOL), is to play with it – you can’t hurt anything. This is honestly how I have worked my way into loving and learning about technology – playing (I am a kid at heart!). So the last few days for me has been a lot of playing and pushing buttons to see what happens and so far, I have not been too frustrated and haven’t broken anything 🙂

Last week I bought my web cam and headset and set them up, hoping that I would be able to figure them out and get some use out of them. Prior to Monday, I had never blogged and actually did not know what it was. Wiki spaces sounded like something from Star Wars to me. I had been exposed to YouTube a lot on Facebook, but had not actually known that there were educational videos on there (so thanks Alec for showing that there is more to YouTube than ridiculously funny or just plain ridiculous videos). I had no idea what an “RSS” was, much less use one. And although I had participated in several conference calls and webinars at work, I had never gone “live” as we did with the webcams and so many different people in so many different locations.

Based on these first couple of days, I can’t imagine what the next few months will present!


3 Responses to “In the Beginning…”

  1. Rob Wall Says:

    Hopefully the next few months will present some opportunities for learning – the serious fun kind of learning.

  2. Shaun Loeppky Says:

    The first assignments certainly caused some trepidation in the first week as well.
    We have some great supports as well which will certainly make for an interesting journey!

  3. Connie Cossar Says:

    We are lucky that our support is so awesome and yes, it will definitely be an interesting journey if the first 2 weeks are any prediction for the remainder of the ride 🙂

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