Video Creation – in the beginning…

January 11, 2008

Well, I have just created my first video and posted it to YouTube! I really could have taken the easier route and just spoken into my webcam, which at this point would have been challenging enough for me, but after seeing Alec’s video and how professional it looked, I wanted to push beyond the spoken word. I didn’t even know that I had Windows MovieMaker on my computer! It took a lot of time to get things just right (I have the huge flaw of being a perfectionist!), but I am satisfied with the finished product for my first attempt. MovieMaker is actually a pretty intuitive program and wasn’t too difficult to learn. I ended up having more difficulties with figuring out how to move audio capturing from my headset to my webcam when I did the last video clip. I even tried to get fancy with a few fade ins and an opening title slide. This is probably a program I will use in the future, especially since I now have the webcam.

The only thing that I am not so sure I like is posting it on YouTube for the world to see. Not that I put anything THAT personal on there, but it is something that sort of scares me about the Internet. Even on Facebook, I do not open my profile or pictures outside of people that are my friends. The privacy issues on the Internet are definitely a phenomenon which I am worried about in the wake of having my own child.


4 Responses to “Video Creation – in the beginning…”

  1. Alec Couros Says:

    Hi Connie,
    Thanks for the video, it was very well done, and I am glad that you took the extra time to learn a new tool.

    I think your privacy-mindedness is fine, and very natural. People have various comfort-levels when it comes to posting such personal information, and you have to make decisions along the way, balancing your personal life, with safety, and with the benefits of being online. Obviously, these are issues you have to deal with through teaching and work as well.

    Thanks so much for getting this blog started. You are now in my reader, and I will be watching for future posts.


  2. Jen Says:

    I’ve been running an online group for moms for almost 6 years and this is a very common concern. There are real dangers out there and you have to educate yourself and learn how to balance your online identity. Having said that, I have photos and videos of myself and kids plastered all over the place. It really is a personal decision and one you will have to weigh. Personally, I’m more likely to put personal information online than to trust a babysitter or to send my kid to a sleepover.

  3. Great start Connie. I love the look of your blog. It is interesting that you note that MovieMaker wasn’t overly difficult to learn. I think that once you dive in and play with these tools you will find they have been created with the user in mind. Most have a great user interface and help videos. I understand your concerns with the privacy issue and it is a touchy subject for many. You will eventually find a comfort level with what you want to share.

  4. Shaun Loeppky Says:

    I completely understand your privacy concerns as well. I really struggled with my face posted on my video for the world to see, I guess even more than the personal info that accompanied it.
    Yet, we do have some control over what happens within the program. And in the end, hey, you can delete it!

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