Frustrated Brainstorming

January 29, 2008

So I am very frustrated trying to brainstorm an idea for my final digital media project for my EC&I class. Unlike almost all of my classmates, I am neither a teacher in a traditional classroom (I do HR and training at a law firm), nor am I working during this class as I am on maternity leave. Our law firm has e-learning software that I thought might work, but after emailing back and forth with my boss, this just won’t work for several reasons, including: access to the e-learning software, access to our other programs, giving access to my professor to mark it, and several procedures and programs have changed since I have been on leave, so I am no longer familiar with them. Unfortunately, because of our confidential work place, this makes using anything from the firm very difficult.

Back to the brainstorming! This is turning out to be much more difficult than I had anticipated and I really like the tools that we are using and seeing in class, but I don’t have the audience for blogging, wikis, etc. or the work to present in Voicethread, Slideshare, etc. A lesson in frustration!


6 Responses to “Frustrated Brainstorming”

  1. Laurie Says:

    What about a mothering or parenting blog or a mat leave blog/project??

  2. ccossar Says:

    Thanks for the suggestion, Laurie! Any ideas are very welcome! I will consider the mothering/parenting blog. Might even be of interest for some of the very busy parents in our class.

  3. Jen Says:

    I run and would be happy to post a blog of yours as a featured blog, or interview you for a podcast. I was working on corporate education/training when I completed my MEd, and I was a little “off” from the rest of the class as well. I chose to do projects that reflected my dream job, rather than my current job. Make something you could use as a portfolio item for an interview, even if it’s for moving up in your same organization.

  4. ccossar Says:

    Thanks Jen. I joined your website – it looks fantastic! I also like the idea of something for my portfolio – both great ideas. I may take you up on the blog or interview. I will be in touch 🙂

  5. roadrunner Says:

    Hi Connie.
    I’m combining the content from one course with my digital project in this course. Rather than preparing a written paper, I’m going to produce the same content in a more open way on a wiki. It was really exciting to think about how my work could not only be useful and shared right away, but then can also be enriched and enhanced by others.

  6. ccossar Says:

    Another great idea, Cindy! I have been toying with something like that pertaining to my work environment, just not naming my employer on the wiki for privacy issues.

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