Okay, this is a griping blog post, so I am apologizing now. I am in a tech class on Web-CT, where we meet in a chat room once a week to discuss a chapter in the textbook(yes, the textbook). Everyone in the class is a teacher or course developer except for me (I used to teach, but now work in a law firm where training is amongst my duties). EVERY single week we have the same conversation about teachers not having time to learn about technology or use it. Why are they taking an on-line course then? I just read Liz Davis’ latest blog post about how collaboration through her social network helped her tremendously within a 10 minute span.  I have tried to point them towards the amazing Web 2.0 tools we are using and learning about in Dr. Alec CourosEC&I 831 class and great class blogs like Darren Kuropatwa’s.  However, then they come up with other reasons for not using technology – Internet safety, money, not enough PD, curriculum(that was tonight’s new excuse). No wonder education is so far behind in this area – if the teachers aren’t willing to even try it out, how is it going to happen? Thanks to those wonderful teachers out there who are willing to spend some time to make a difference!