Sharon Peters presented a very thought provoking presentation in my EC&I 831 class last night called Spheres of Influence.  The things that I really started to think about during and after this presentation were:  who is in my sphere?  why are they there?  should they be?  who else should be in my sphere of influence?  I think that these are important questions that we should all be asking especially with the dawning of so many social networks available to us on the Internet.  Personally, I have found myself looking to my new social network connections for advice, companionship and to be challenged intellectually more than I have to most of my friends.  And I find myself adding to this sphere on a daily basis and feeling excited about new challenges and relationships that may emerge through this fascinating network.

Marlene Gillanders feels exactly as I do about technology and education as posted in her blog: “Therefore, my question is, how do I go about changing the views of technology in my school division? Again, I feel as educators it is our role to make our students aware of the technology and  teach them how to use the technology appropriately.” And I loved to see that Sharon Peters’ presentation also challenged us to think about how we have done things in the past and how they could be improved with the use of the technology now available to us as Travis Kelln said: “If Only”.