The Power of Social Networking

February 27, 2008

I signed up on Twitter a while ago to check it out. While I have had a few interesting chats and connected to a few people, I really wasn’t “getting it” even after viewing some demos and reading several testimonials about how great it was.

I have FINALLY figured out how powerful Twitter can be as part of building my network. If you have been following some of my recent posts on my blog, I have been struggling with ways to increase the membership on my Ning site, The HR Connection. Several people have offered great ideas that have helped. One of the suggestions was to use Twitter. I tried this once a while ago and really did not see any results. Today though, I was told that I had a new follower, and through him, I found other HR people and started following them. Not only did I find new twitter people, but I had 2 join my Ning site and found out about Terraminds to find more people with HR backgrounds that were using Twitter by going to one of my new connection’s blog, Gautam Ghosh.


4 Responses to “The Power of Social Networking”

  1. kibrown Says:

    Thanks for the information about Terraminds. I’ll have to give it a try. I’ll have another look at your ning. I didn’t think about it until tonight that people other than HR could participate.

  2. ccossar Says:

    Would love to have a variety of people participating. Actually have 3 teachers signed up there already. We would welcome you and anyone else who is interested!

  3. gautamghosh Says:

    thanks for the mention Connie ! I still have to sign up for your ning network 🙂

  4. coreyterry Says:

    I think your HR connection is great, you are building an excellent social network.

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