The iPhone in the classroom

March 8, 2008

Check out the video that Frank has posted regarding the use of the iPhone in the classroom. It is really amazing!


9 Responses to “The iPhone in the classroom”

  1. Dean Miezianko Says:

    Very interesting. Thanks for posting this Connie. I’m going to use it with my students and get their reaction to learning in this way. I’m curious to see what the reaction will be.

  2. ccossar Says:

    Please share what happens. It would be great to hear what students actually think of this, since some of our colleagues are getting less than excited reactions from students regarding blogging and wiki projects.

  3. lgatzke Says:

    I sure am eagerly awaiting for Iphones to be readily available in Canada.

    I couldn’t help put on my mom hat. My son will be done highschool in 2 years. I an sure we’ll be buying him the latest technological gadget. I sure hope that he has the choice to take classes in this way. That being said, I wonder if he would choose to…I’ll have to ask him tonight.

  4. ccossar Says:

    It is interesting that we are so excited about technology and then we have to stop and ask if the next person is, especially our youth who we often assume are excited about the newest gadgets!

  5. Shaun Loeppky Says:

    Some comments:

    Money. Hate to to be the poor guy/gal with his notepad/pencil after the instructor asks questions that begin with “pull out your Iphone and….
    School infrastructure. Money.
    Ipod Phone commercial…I could see other technologies incorporated.

    But you know, it is a great example of how this type of embedded instruction would benefit students…

  6. ccossar Says:

    I agree, Shaun – economics plays a big factor in any technology decision in the classroom.

  7. ryanflood Says:

    Uhh… Cool… frightening… but cool.
    Seems a little too dream-like. The video just screamed “Yeah right!” The possibilities are certainly very cool. I doubt the reality of use of the iPhone in education is that cool. I’d love to see a documentary of actual use of the iPhones in schools.

  8. Ed 831 Ken Says:

    Interesting video.

    My understanding is that the IPhone is not available for use in Canada; however, Blackberry type devices would perform in the same manner.

    This is a great way to get the access level of technology closer to 1:1 at a reasonable cost.

  9. ccossar Says:

    No, from what I have read, the iPhone is not yet available in Canada, but it is only a matter of time and hopefully it will be one more way to connect in an affordable manner, since it has so many functions in one machine.

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