How can you make Web 2.0 the future of your classroom?

March 10, 2008

I was really inspired by Steve Hargadon’s post Web 2.0 Is the Future of Education.  He provides a great outline of how things are changing with Web 2.0 and then offers suggestions for how teachers can handle these changes.  He also mentioned these major shifts in learning and education:

* From consuming to producing
* From authority to transparency
* From the expert to the facilitator
* From the lecture to the hallway
* From “access to information” to “access to people”
* From “learning about” to “learning to be”
* From passive to passionate learning
* From presentation to participation
* From publication to conversation
* From formal schooling to lifelong learning
* From supply-push to demand-pull

The only thing that I am still trying to digest is: “The Answer to Information Overload Is to Produce More Information.”  This will take a little more deep thought to get my head around it.


6 Responses to “How can you make Web 2.0 the future of your classroom?”

  1. ryanflood Says:

    Wow, that is quite inspiring. Thanks for sharing. I haven’t quite digested his hole discussion yet – there is a lot there to think about – but I does provide a great outline. Discussions like this make me very glad that I am taking courses like EC&I 831. I’m glad I’m one of the ones continue to stay current. I’m affraid of the alternative. Perhaps I would feel completely overwhelmed and unprepared for the changes that are happening in education.

  2. Corey Terry Says:

    Connie, excellent thoughts, I have learned so much about learning a different way with technology and using it as apart of my teaching, so much so that I am going to dive right in with internet at home and start teaching my 3 daughters the positive aspects of technology with far out-weigh the negatives.

  3. ccossar Says:

    Ryan, I agree that it is easier to keep up as things are happening as I know a lot of teachers that are overwhelmed by so much availability of these new tools.

    Corey, I think that being so proactive with your daughters is a FANTASTIC way to bring technology into their lives in a positive, safe way. Good for you 🙂

  4. Rob Wall Says:

    Connie, thanks for drawing my attention to Steve’s very thought provoking post. There are some assertions that make me a bit uncomfortable around the nature of knowledge. When he talks about the age of the collaborator, he states “The expert is giving way to the collaborator, since 1 + 1 truly equals 3 in this realm.” Hmmm – perhaps he is using the malapropism to make a point, but I am concerned that this indicates a tendency to solipsism that is becoming endemic when there are discussions of the nature of knowledge and the read-write web.

  5. coreyterry Says:

    thanks Connie – I sure spending time with your kids and teaching and modeling appropriates is the key no matter what they are learning with, technology should be no different.

  6. Tessieeb Says:

    omg.. good work, man

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