Share and they will come…

March 25, 2008

I created a tutorial for a group of teachers who have been listening to me rave about the power of networking and how excited I am about this tool or that or some of the fantastic technology leaders that I have been following for the past few months thanks to my Google Reader and Alec’s ECI 831 class. These teachers (like myself prior to January 2008) had no clue what RSS was and had not used Google Reader, but were fascinated by how I knew so much about what was happening with technology in schools (my network made me look so intelligent, I hated to tell them that I wasn’t this brilliant star – it was my network!). I shared my big secret in this little tutorial video about what RSS is and how to setup and use GoogleReader. It was a good exercise for me to go through. I hope they start networking. My new philosophy is share and they will come…


5 Responses to “Share and they will come…”

  1. Mathman33 Says:

    Good job on the video!

  2. rdrunner Says:

    Thanks Connie. Always something new to learn – I didn’t know about dragging subscribe to my links bar. Gotta love those shortcuts!


  3. Dave Bircher Says:

    Nice work. Now i have to think of something else to create LOL. Just kidding, I’ll use yours!

  4. ccossar Says:

    I hope others can use the video. By all means share it, Dave – that’s the power of the network 🙂

  5. Rosanne Says:

    Great job on the video. Finally had a chance to sit and check out a few blogs. Nice work.

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