Are you well known?

March 6, 2008

Last night in our EC&I class, we had a conversation about Media Awareness and Media Literacy. During our discussions, someone mentioned the fact that they Google their name as part of their routine to check for any misuses of their name, image, or other items pertaining to them. I remember Googling my name at the beginning of the semester just for kicks and there were only a handful of hits and only one actually pertained to me – it appears I have a double down in the southern US who is a consultant. Last night I Googled my name and came up with 80 hits and most of them appear to actually pertain to me and my interactions with my network. I was stunned. It really gave me a slap in the face lesson about our digital footprints, as did some of the videos that Alec presented. The most humourous being the Star Wars kid that I just had to include here for people that didn’t see it – it was originally just a middle years kid playing around and was translated into this and put on YouTube (there are several different versions if you search “Star Wars Kid”). Enjoy and watch what you do…the Internet is FOREVER!


Friday Humour – life in the networked world – how my life has changed since becoming part of the network:

Duty Calls